What's New?
New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee

Thursday, June 1, 2023 —The Committee will meet at 4pm at the SW Durham Library (3605 Shannon Drive). All are welcome.


  1. reconstitute the committee with new appointments, as needed
  2. deal with a change in the Durham planning map that would allow retail and apartment buildings on the north side of Erwin Rd. near Kerley
  3. address a development planned, but not yet submitted, that would erect a 4-story apartment, and over 100 surface spaces along Pickett Rd., immediately adjacent to Sandy Creek Park.  

New Hope Creek is a narrow waterway that snakes its way from western Orange County, North Carolina, passing north of Chapel Hill and through parts of Durham, finally emptying into the upper reaches of Jordan Lake. In 1989, four local jurisdictions passed a resolution recognizing the importance of preserving the Creek, its tributaries and a corridor along their banks. The New Hope Corridor Open Space Master Plan was developed and the New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee was established to advise the local governments on implementing the plan. The Committee maintains this website to report on its progress and to invite the public to explore and help preserve the beautiful New Hope Creek corridor. On this site, you can: