New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee


All About the NHCCAC

Behind our unwieldly acronym is a group of Triangle-area residents who are devoted to New Hope Creek. The New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee was established to advise local government on implementing the 1991 New Hope Corridor Open Space Master Plan. Its further mission is to enhance awareness of the natural, historical, and cultural value of the New Hope Creek Corridor and to encourage community stewardship of these heritage resources.

The committee is composed of representatives from local governments and commissions, universities, environmental organizations, landowners, citizens' groups, and concerned individuals. A list of current committee members and their organizational affiliations, if applicable, appears below. Click here to see a list of former members and committee contacts, and here to read the minutes of past Committee meetings.

Click here to view a short PowerPoint presentation on the work of the Committee.


To contact the committee... us at one of the members whose phone numbers are listed below, or
...send postal mail to:

New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee
839 Sedgefield St.
Durham, NC 27705


Current Committee Members
  • Robert Healy—Nicholas School of the Environment, Co-Chair—919/416-4543
  • Charlie Welch, Co-Chair
  • Walter E. Fowler—landowner
  • Judson D. Edeburn—Duke Forest
  • Rich Shaw—Orange County
  • John A. Goebel—Durham Open Space & Trails Commission
  • Wade and Carolyn Penny—landowners
  • Charlie Welch— delegate to Hollow Rock Planning Committee
  • Floyd Bridgwater, Orange County

  • David Cook—Forest View Elementary School
  • Wendy Jacobs—Erwin Area Neighborhood Group
  • John Kent—New Hope Audubon Society & Streamwatch
  • Ed Harrison

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