New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee


The Creek in Pictures

Click on any of the images below to enlarge them and explore the diversity and natural beauty of the New Hope Creek corridor.

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Duke Forest Korstian Division  Lower New Hope  New Hope Bottomlands  Summer along the New Hope   Dry Creek at New Hope Creek  Slopes above Dry Creek  Cypress & beaver dam  Cypress in snow  Hollow Rock  Beaver dam  Mud Creek waterfall  Mud Creek wetlands  NC 751 Scenic Roadway           



Fire Pink  Phlox  Gerardia  Cardinal flower  Michaux's lily  Leather flower  Pink lady's slipper  Swamp rose  Yellow lady's slipper   Atamasco lily  Crested dwarf iris  Muscadine vine  Trout lily



Snail  Kestrel  Salamander  Septima's clubtail  Green lynx spider  Tiger swallowtail  Beaver-chewed tree  Prairie Warbler  Leucistic Downy Woodpecker  White-throated sparrow



Bracket fungus  Bracket fungi  White fungus on tree  Yellow lichen on rock  Brown fungus on tree  Old Man of the Woods mushroom


Science & Education

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