New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee


These individuals have served on the New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee in the past and/or currently serve as important contacts for the Committee in its work. (Current members of the Committee are listed on the About Us page.)

Former Committee Members
  • Hildegard Ryals (former Chair)
  • Deborah Christie (former Co-Chair)
  • Ed Harrison, Chapel Hill Town Council
  • Billy B. Olive
  • William Hutchins
  • Muriel Easterling
  • Joan Magat
  • Bob Palmatier
  • Isaac Harold, N.C. Wildlife Commission
  • Christine Searl-Bouton, Durham Open Space & Trails Commission (DOST)
  • Robert B. Glenn, DOST
  • Thomas Stark, DOST
  • Kenneth Coulter
  • Michael Waldroup
  • Bill Bracey, Chapel Hill Greenways Commission
  • Gail Boyarsky
  • Lorelei Costa, Triangle Land Conservancy
Committee Contacts, past and present
  • Bill Strom, Chapel Hill Town Council
  • Ellen Reckhow, Chair, Durham County Commissioners
  • Becky Heron, Durham County Commissioner
  • Jane Korest, Durham County staff
  • Mike Giles, Durham County staff
  • Glen Bowles, DOST
  • Cheri Smith, DOST
  • Diane Catotti, Durham City Council
  • Beth Timson, Durham City staff
  • Barry Jacobs, Orange County Commissioner
  • Kevin Brice, Triangle Land Conservancy (TLC)
  • Emily Ander, TLC
  • Jeff Masten, TLC
  • Doug Nicholas, TLC
  • Johnny Randall, N.C. Botanical Garden
  • Steven Hall, Natural Heritage Program
  • Annette Jurgelski, Eno River Association
  • Jeffrey A. Fisher
  • Annette Montgomery


Our dear friend and long-time New Hope Advisory Committee member B.B. (Billy) Olive passed away on December 4, 2014 at the age of 93. He swam in the New Hope near Hollow Rock as a boy and his efforts to protect the creek stretch back to the 1970s when he successfully opposed a dam that would have served an industrial plant. Read his News & Observer obituary here.


Hildegard Ryals, former chair of the New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee, passed away on Thursday, November 1, 2012.

Chapel Hill Town Council member Ed Harrison notes: "Hildegard was a force of nature on behalf of the environment, in particular for lands deserving protection. She led the first New Hope Creek corridor preservation efforts, and corralled any number of us to help. Hildegard Ryals was, simply put, a superb role model for those who need to practice persistence in the face of obstacles, which would include all of us."