New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee

Resolution to Name the Bridge in
Sandy Creek Park in Honor of
Kenneth R. Coulter

Whereas, Kenneth R. Coulter was for four decades a prominent landscape architect and planner in Durham;

Whereas, Kenneth Coulter had been named a “Fellow” of the American Association of Landscape Architects, a national recognition for his work;

Whereas Kenneth Coulter was the principal author of the 1992 New Hope Creek Corridor Plan and played a major role in the first decade of its implementation, including persuading the City of Durham to set aside surplus land as Sandy Creek Park;

Whereas Kenneth Coulter and his associates prepared the plan for Sandy Creek Park and this park was one of the proudest accomplishments of his later career;

Whereas Kenneth Coulter was honored in 2007 for his overall body of work by the North Carolina Association of Landscape Architects as a “North Carolina Pioneer of Landscape Architecture” (one of three persons so named) and, during an interview filmed as part of this designation, spoke at length about his work at Sandy Creek Park;

Whereas Kenneth Coulter passed away in December 2009;

Whereas this resolution has the support of Mr. Coulter’s family (see attached letter);

Whereas the bridge, which was formerly a truck bridge but recently completely reconstructed as a pedestrian bridge, does not have an official name nor signage but is referred to colloquially by park users as “Sandy Creek Bridge;”

Whereas the proposed name of the bridge retains the name of the geographic feature (it is the only bridge in the park over Sandy Creek), while adding the name of the park designer;

Therefore let it be resolved that the pedestrian bridge over Sandy Creek, within the boundaries of the Park and connecting the two major sections of the Park, be named “Kenneth R. Coulter Sandy Creek Bridge” and appropriate signage installed and maintained.