New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee


Mud Creek Urban Greenway from Chapel Hill-Durham Boulevard to Duke Forest
(Component 7 of New Hope Corridor Open Space Master Plan)

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Mud Creek waterfall  Mud Creek wetlands

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    Text from 1991 New Hope Corridor Open Space Master Plan

    Existing Land Use & Ownership

    • East side to Garrett Road: privately-owned single-family residences
    • West side, south end: Garrett Farms subdivision
    • West side, midsection: privately-owned single-family residences
    • West side, north end: Loch N'ora subdivision

    Future Land Use

    Land use in this area is presently subdivisions, and the Future Land Use Map indicates residential uses for the future. No anticipated change.

    Significant Resources

    The environment of this area of Mud Creek has been compromised somewhat by the installation of a sanitary sewer main, which at the same time has the effect of giving this area a more open feeling than that experienced in the heavily forested floodplains to the south. Some steep slopes exist along the eastern boundary of the floodplain. Four vegetation sites occur in this area, including three large vegetation units: the New Hope Creek-Dry Creek-Mud Creek Lowlands, the Upper Mud Creek Triassic Lowlands, and the Eastern Mud Creek Hardwood Slopes (see Appendix E of the Master Plan).

    The steep slopes on the east bank of Mud Creek are in private, small-parcel ownership and will likely not be disturbed. Acquisition is not considered an absolute necessity. However, it would be desirable to obtain conservation easements to protect scenic values.

    Recommendations for Protection & Use

    • Protect the entire 100-year floodplain.
    • Obtain conservation easements to the steep slopes on the east bank of Mud Creek.
    • Develop an urban bicycle and pedestrian trail along the sewer easement on the east side of Mud Creek and connect it to the New Hope Creek trail, which links to the Sandy Creek Greenway and Chapel Hill Greenway. Trail implementation should take into account the occurrence of seasonal flooding along the creek.
    • Establish an access area on the west side of Mud Creek (E-3).