New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee


NC 751 Scenic Road
(Component 9 of New Hope Corridor Open Space Master Plan)

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NC 751 Scenic Roadway

Description and Special Features

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    Text from 1991 New Hope Corridor Open Space Master Plan

    Existing Land Use & Ownership

    • Duke University

    Future Land Use

    Component 9 is almost completely within Duke Forest. Most of this land was classified by the Duke Land Resources Committee as Category 1, Permanent Research Forest Land (i.e., not to be sold for a period of 50 years). One area, east of NC 751 in the vicinity of the US 15-501 Bypass, is classified as Category 2, Research Project Land, which means that the land is protected at least for the short term but use may change in the future.

    Significant Resources

    Duke Forest in this vicinity is mostly uplands, since Mud Creek has reached its point of origin above Erwin Road. Some areas of biologic significance have been described in the Orange County Inventory. However, the main reason for the proposed NC 751 Scenic Road is the preservation of this stretch of public road in its present forested character. This is a valuable type of “open space,” tied not directly to any specific natural value, but to the value of a pleasant driving experience in a rapidly urbanizing part of North Carolina. Extensive examples of the legacy of timely parkway planning exist in many of our large urban areas.

    Recommendations for Protection & Use

      Encourage Duke University to retain its Category 1 classification of Component 9 lands in Duke Forest, thereby providing sufficient protection of the forested lands along the NC 751 Scenic Road.
    • Should Duke decide to sell all or part of this land, negotiate to obtain by purchase or easement a corridor 500 feet to 1000 feet wide on each side of NC 751 for a wide scenic and pedestrian corridor.
    • As NC 751 is extended north of US 70 (the “Eno Drive” proposal), extend the scenic road concept in order to provide for scenic treatment and the creation of bicycle and pedestrian paths along the proposed Eno Drive.
    • Extend the NC 751 Scenic Road corridor protection eastward to and beyond the US 15-501 Bypass interchange to meet the northern terminus of the Sandy Creek Urban Greenway and continue with an entrance to the Duke University West Campus.
    • Because NC 751 can continue to be a scenic road and to serve high-volume traffic needs as a two-lane road, prohibit additional cross streets and driveway entrances.